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    [[Arros]] [[Badlands]] [[Canyon Pass]] [[Dracosia]] [[Drakes Island]] [[Dragons Perch]] [[Elemental Node]] [[Feyendell]] [[Firestorm Peak]] [[Flamebog]] [[Frandor's Keep]] [[Gith]] [[Gök]] [[Ironside]] [[Ironside Mountains]] [[Longbridge]] …

  • Dracosia

    The lands of the empire first named the Dragon Coast due to a great number spotted by the early [[Dragonborn]] settlers who were the first to come to the land. The Empire itself was officially named The United Empire of the Civilized Peoples of the …

  • Gith

    Faraway nation in the midst of a 40 year civil war between the aristocratic [[Githzerai|Zerai]] and the plebian [[Githyanki|Yanki]].

  • Feyendell

    * Capital of the [[Elves]] and other Fey race homelands. * Has a sister city in the [[Feywild]], with a bridge between the plains mysteriously centered on the [[Dome of Mithril]] that surrounds the tree of life. * It is extremely hard for outsiders to …

  • Ironside

    [[Dwarves|Dwarven]] Capital built in the excavated center of the most massive mountain in the [[Ironside Mountains|Ironside range]]. Ironside is notable for the criss crossing boulvards that catwalk between the inner walls of the city. The once proud …

  • Canyon Pass

    The Great Canyon Pass is a fifty mile wide and two hundred mile long ravine that creates an east to west divide between the Ironside and Tiefling mountains. Water is now sparse in this parched and barren environment, but it is likely that there once …

  • Dragons Perch

    Tallest peak in all of [[Dracosia]]. Site of the Temple of [[Moradin]] and the training grounds of the [[Blackguard]]

  • Frandor's Keep

    * The once great Keep on the Borderlands stands as the last outpost between the far eastern reach of [[Dracosia | Dracosian civilization]] and the chaos of the [[Badlands | Badlands]]. * Stands atop a plateau (an area of highland consisting of relatively …

  • Atramentum Sinkhole

    Huge deposit of [[Atramentum]] found on the eastern edge of the [[Humans |Human]] Homelands at the base of the [[Ironside Mountains]].

  • Badlands

    Lands to the east of Dracosia. No one knows what lies beyond them.

  • Drakes Island

    Island off the coast of the elven lands, secretly used by the [[Dragonborn]] to breed a Black Dragon with Drakes to create experimental mounts using an ancient shadow magic to seal the breading.

  • Arros

    Fey city on the east bank of the [[Arro River]] populated by [[Halflings]]. Known for its sailors and warlocks and some of the highest quality footwear in all [[Dracosia]].

  • Arro River

    Fast moving and dangerous river dividing the Fey and Tiefling lands. Known as "The Arrow". Regularly patrolled by [[Elves]] on the banks and [[Halflings]] using long boats in the water.

  • Elemental Node

    An ancient planar rift between the [[Elemental Chaos | Elemental Chaos]] and [[Dracosia]] caused by a natural weakness in the normally strong barriers that separate [[Planes]]. Known as Mithralforge to the [[Dwarves]], this ferrous gateway lies buried in …

  • Gök

    Once known as Rulmarthan to the ancient [[Dwarves | Dwarves]], now an [[Orc | Orc]] "City" known mostly for its filth and lawlessness.

  • Wrathwood

    Impenetrable forest at the center of the elven lands, surrounding the capital of [[Feyendell]].

  • Undermountain

    Original Dwarven city formed around the Genasi elemental node. Eventually the Dwarves became too numerous and excavated Old [[Ironside]] mountain to form the new capital.