Mystery of the Atramentum (Part 3)
  • Aramil is arrested and dragged away to Feyendell by the Elven Royal Guard; no reason is given, but Aramil insists that his friends not interfere.
  • Frandor’s Keep is attacked by an ancient Behir in pursuit of a wagon full of miners, led by a Dwarf named Gunthar.
  • An inauspicious Gnome named Mender Gladstone who works as a handyman at the Keep, assists Nathan Elmerellyn and T’Chai in defeating the Behir who runs away wounded. It is discovered that the blood of the creature is a substance called Atramentum. Due to Mender’s poor accent, people keep calling him Bender.
  • The Dwarven miners are in possession of the nose piece of a giant flying machine capable of transporting hundreds of Horde troops across the Ironside Mountains. The giant flying machine catastrophically crashed and the Dwarves collected what they deemed the most valuable piece and loaded it on a wagon with haste charms applied to the team of horses pulling it.
  • A crazed human named Zanifar is the only survivor from the wreckage that the Dwarves found. He bears a book that provides much insight into the dark element. Zanifar tells of being forced to ingest Atramentum as a part of experiments being run by a sadistic Orc shaman named Nar’takna. He tells of an adventurous escape made by he and his fellow refugees.
  • It is learned that Zanifar, Cha’Ka, Vladimir Zarrenof, and the other refugees were attempting to escape the Badlands using the Orcs flying machine in order to deliver the book to Minas Thoras. It is unknown if Zarrenoff or Cha’Ka survived the crash because according to the Dwarves, there was no sign of a Thri-Kreen or a Githzerai body amongst the dead at the site of the crash.
  • A group of shadowy figures bearing the symbol of the Ancient Evil appears and demands the Tome. The party rallies and defeats them.
A Bounty at Frandor's Keep (Part 3)
  • Attack of the air elemental
  • Investigation of the fire in the ballistas
  • Assassination attempt in the night

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